Committee Assignments

House Armed Services Committee - Chairman
McKeon was selected by his peers to serve as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee in the 112th Congress. In June 2009, Congressman McKeon was named the top Republican and Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, which oversees national security policy, military resources, and military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congressman Mckeon is committed to providing for America's warfighters and their families. From the equipment needed to win the Global War on Terrorism to healthcare and housing, House Republicans and Congressman McKeon are working for our brave military men and women.

Education and the Workforce Committee - Senior Member
Congressman McKeon also serves on the Education and the Workforce, which oversees programs that affect hundreds of millions of Americans—from school teachers and small business owners to students and retirees. Congressman McKeon has worked to build on vital reforms set in motion during the past decade — pressing for parental empowerment and local control in education; modernization of outdated federal rules that stifle liberty and innovation; and dependable access to health care, retirement security, and training for American workers. Congressman McKeon serves on the following Subcommittees in addition to the full committee: