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Congressman McKeon Votes for “No Budget No Pay”

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Washington, Jan 23, 2013 | Alissa McCurley (202-225-1956) | comments
Washington, D.C.- Today, Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon voted for H.R. 325, the “No Budget No Pay” Act of 2013. H.R. 325 passed by a vote of 285-144. This legislation temporarily raises the debt limit through May 18, 2013. In addition, the bill directs the Members of both the House and Senate to pass a FY 2014 budget resolution by April 15, 2013. If either chamber fails to do so, members of that chamber will have their pay put into an escrow account until a budget resolution is passed or the end of the 113th Congress.

“Our question for the Senate over the 4 years since it last passed a budget has been simple: how is it possible to begin to restore fiscal responsibility to our federal government if we can’t even come up with a budget?” said Congressman McKeon. “Congress has passed a budget every year and it is now time for the Senate to act. We have a debt and spending problem in Washington and we can’t begin to seriously solve this obvious crisis until we can come together and have a legitimate conversation about how we spend money. This bill extends the debt limit for 90 days and forces both chambers to pass a budget or not get paid as a result. Every individual, senior, college student, family and business understands the critical importance of a budget and the fact that Washington doesn’t adhere to the same common sense and fundamental principles is inexcusable. It is time to start living within our means and budgeting accordingly.”

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