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Congressman McKeon Congratulates Ventura County Board of Supervisors on improving public safety and protecting animal welfare.

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Washington, Jul 14 | comments

Washington, DC – Today Congressman McKeon offered his congratulations to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors for their decision to prioritize public safety and animal welfare in our Southern California communities. The 4-1 decision denied a local resident the necessary permit to construct facilities and enclosures intended for the training and housing of white tigers for the entertainment industry. The Board of Supervisors vote upheld an earlier Planning Commission ruling from March of this year.

“I was very pleased to hear of the Board of Supervisor’s decision to protect the safety and wellbeing of Deer Creek Canyon residents, and those of the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains. This ruling sets a valuable precedent by demonstrating that active community engagement and a sound municipal review process can result in an optimal outcome for everyone.”

“Having authored numerous pieces of legislation in the House of Representatives on wildlife safety, I have consistently fought to eliminate preventable injuries and deaths that result from the attempted domestication and personal possession of large, wild cats. Not only do these majestic creatures present a severe safety risk, they also overtax unprepared municipal authorities. Local law enforcement lacks the crucial training and resources to handle big cats, and may be left legally and financially responsible for gross negligence in protecting citizens.”

“When local equities and concerned citizens take up the banner of responsible animal ownership, I am confident that our neighborhoods will be safer, and our wild animal facilities will be better suited to meet the needs of these majestic creatures.”    



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